Your taaya gets own show on Bol TV


LAHORE: Sources married to your taaya informed you Saturday evening that your Taya has been offered his own show on Bol TV, which he has accepted.

The development comes hot on the heels of the television channel giving shows to a number of politicians, including former presidents Pervez Musharraf and Asif Ali Zardari; chief minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak and a score of second-tier politicians.

“This is literally in line with the policy of giving everyone and their uncle a show on Bol,” said Fayyaz Haider, who heads a media studies NGO.

Your taayi, who is to be an assistant producer on said program, told you that you should ask your friends to tune in on the program as well as it is only this program which will give people the true picture of the problems of Pakistan.

Your taaya, who is a casual misogynist and an overt racist, believes that the only solution to the ills of the country is for it to be run by the military. He also believes that the Kalabagh Dam, when constructed, is going to generate massive electricity and, though he refuses to elaborate on this, ensure a far better cricket team.

You are instructed to watch his show every Tuesday at 9:00 pm and will be quizzed to make sure you actually watch it.