Pakistan Day parade was good but not as good as ‘92 World Cup final, says Imran


The recently conducted Pakistan Day parade on the 23rd of March was a pretty decent show, said Imran Khan on Saturday, but it was nowhere nearly as spectacular as the ICC World Cup of 1992.

“Don’t get me wrong, it was pretty nice, seeing those military contingents, smartly turned out, all of them, marching ahead. I even liked the provincial cultural troupes,” he said. “But can any of that match the sheer excitement of the first World Cup final that Pakistan made it to?”

“And to make things even more exciting, Pakistan actually slugged it out and won the thing, which was amazing,” he said.

“I think it was very well managed the strategy for that day,” he said. “The parade is only slightly challenging when you look at the security aspect. And even that isn’t a problem when you lock the city down. So it is only one straight line in which everyone is walking, one by one.”

“Also, barring the army chief – a respectful hello, sir – there was no one really stylish, with gravitas on the stage that day,” he continued. “Now compare that with the sheer oomph that was there on the stage in the post-match ceremony.”

“I know these two things are different, but it is difficult not to compare when you start to, well, compare.”


  1. The people who live in the past remain unable to build a future.
    Imran khan needs some treatement for his brain from some Neurologist. Thats what i can say for his views.

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