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OPC helps retrieval of Rs10 mln to US-based expatriate

As a result of the efforts made by Overseas Pakistanis Commission (OPC) Punjab, payment of Rs10 million has been made to the US-based overseas Pakistani.

OPC Commissioner Afzaal Bhatti, while giving details in this regard, informed that Afzaal Ahmed of US lodged a complaint that he sold his plaza and farmhouse situated in district Gujranwala to Arif Javed and received Rs20 million as earnest money, but the purchasing party, instead of payment of remaining amount, illegally occupied his farmhouse after breaking the locks of the premises.

The complainant apprehended that the purchaser party can occupy his plaza as well. OPC commissioner told that this complaint was referred to the District Overseas Pakistanis Committee (DOPC) Gujranwala for further action, which after continuous efforts ensured the payment of Rs10 million to the expatriate Pakistani.

Afzaal Bhatti further said that OPC is vigorously pursuing the complaints of overseas Pakistanis and, so far, thousands of issues have been solved.

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