Local jihadists surprised Pakistan has a tennis team following Hong Kong squad’s withdrawal


UNDISCLOSED LOCATION – Disjointed and dispersed amidst the ongoing Operation Radd-ul-Fasaad, the senior leadership of a local jihadist group has appreciated Hong Kong Tennis team’s decision to withdraw from coming to Islamabad over security concerns, as a ‘noble gesture.’

The militant group says that at a time when their future looks bleak, and existence questionable, the acknowledgement given by the Hong Kong tennis federation ‘means the world’ to them.

“First of all we would like to congratulate Pakistan for advancing to the Asia/Oceania Zone Group II third round,” said a press release issued by the group. “The mujahideen hope to be strong enough by then to make Philippines of Thailand, whoever wins their tie, pull out from the tie over security concern,” adds the press release.

Talking to The Dependent the group’s media manager confessed to the group being weakened in the recent past.

“A few years ago, we might actually have been offended by a tennis team from Hong Kong thinking that we would target them. I mean don’t we have better things to do?” he said. “But as things stand this feels like a badge of honour.”

The group’s press release also confessed that they did not know Pakistan had a tennis team.

“I mean we have enjoyed the occasional Fedal contest over the years, including the Australian Open final this year, but we didn’t know Pakistan had a tennis team as well,” the media manager said. “It’s

only when the nation gets out of its many crises that we would be able to focus on sports other than cricket,” he added.