Domestic coaches putting U/15 cricketers on Exit Control List to produce better Test batsmen


LAHORE/KARACHI: Leading coaches of the Under-15, Under-17, and Under-19 district and departmental teams and clubs, have followed the lead of the Federal Interior Ministry and put budding Test batsmen on the Exit Control List on the morning of the matches.

The move, being implemented by many coaches across the country, is designed to instill patience in the young batsmen, making them stay in one place without exiting the cricket ground.

“As the name itself suggests this would also give these players more control over their batting, which many of our players have traditionally lacked, hence they get our easily,” says Bha Ajju an Under 19 coach in Lahore’s Mughalpura area.

Another Multan-based coach says the ECL is handed over to the squad ahead of every innings. “It would be too simplistic to put all the team’s batsmen on the list,” says Janjua Bhai. “So we normally opt for two batsmen per innings.”

Meanwhile, an Under-15 coach in Hyderabad speaking on anonymity has confirmed that the players in Sindh have started putting the coaches on the Exit Control List. “They control us by saying that they can go to school even if there is no cricket in the province outside of Karachi, what will you do?”