No place for seculars in PTI’s Pakistan, implies PTI lawmaker



Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) lawmaker Ali Muhammad Khan on Wednesday ranted that those who believe in the idea of Pakistan as a secular state should leave the country if they can’t fix their ways.

Those, who don’t believe in the concept of Pakistan as an Islamic state are not qualified to live in Pakistan, implied PTI lawmaker.

“Whoever wants to turn Pakistan into a secular state should mend ways or move to such a [secular] country,” the MNA said during a talk show on a private TV channel.

Pakistan was not made in the name of secularism, but religion, he said. “This country was created in the name of Islam,” he added.

Islam is the basis of Pakistan, and the country has the blood of numerous martyrs in its soil, PTI lawmaker added.

Those who say that we should get things fixed in our own country first, are working on directives of Pakistan’s enemies, he said. He gave a solution to stop these nefarious designs of secularists by saying, “We should put our house in order as well as be concerned about what’s happening around the world.”

While some say that the founder of the nation, Mohammad Ali Jinnah, wanted a secular state not governed by a specific religion, others argue he wanted an Islamic welfare state.



  1. would 't most Pakistanis want to go to a secular country where life is so, so much better?

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