Traffic jams: a persistent nuisance at Capital’s 9th Avenue 



Traffic jams have become a persistent nuisance at 9th Avenue, the most important interchange between Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

The avenue which connects twin cities and three roads Agha Shahi Road, Double Road, and IJP Road gets jammed, while commuters suffer at morning and evening during office and school times.

While talking to a daily commuter Rehan Malik, he said that the traffic jam causes problems, especially during emergency and exams days.

The government should build flyover or underpass to solve the problem of twin cities traffic jam, said Chaudhary Ahsan, a senior citizen.

Muhammad Tahir, a cab driver who picks and drops students of the National University of Modern Languages, daily, said: “The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has constructed numerous flyovers and underpasses at different locations in Islamabad. The civic body should also consider a similar solution for IJP Road to smoothen the flow of traffic on not one but three main roads —9th Avenue, Benazir Bhutto Road and IJP Road itself.”