Our joys, sorrows common: minister at Pashtun Culture Mela


Provincial Minister for Higher Education Raza Ali Gillani has said that the spirit of federation has been strengthened by providing free educational facilities to students of other federating units in higher educational institutions of Punjab. The step has been taken by the Punjab government to help students in the continuation of their studies. As a result of this beneficial facility, students belonging to far-flung and remote areas of other provinces are receiving quality education.

He said this while addressing the Pashtun Culture Mela at Punjab University here on Tuesday. The students set up stalls to present various dimensions of the culture, history, and literature of Pashtuns. The minister inspected the stalls and congratulated the students for their hard work. He said that multiculturalism adds beauty to society while different facets of societal norms have helped develop Pakistani society in a way that has promoted the strong passions of peaceful co-existence, love for humanity, tolerance, and affection.

The minister said that a number of steps have been taken by the Punjab government aimed at the collective wellbeing of the people. “Our joys and sorrows are common and hearts of the people of Punjab beat in unison with their brethren living in other provinces,” he said.

Raza Gillani also inaugurated a 2-day conference on issues in business management at a local private university here on Tuesday. International scholars, researchers, faculty members, and students attended the conference to present and discuss research papers.

The conference was aimed at exploring and examining different aspects of sustainable business practices in South Asia. In his key-note address, the minister said that sustainable business practices can turn challenges into opportunities. Effective business management skills are important as these abilities involve planning and goal setting, along with motivation in order to effectively execute plans, he said.

“Effective management encourages teamwork and team-spirit by developing a sound organizational structure. It also brings the human and material resources together and motivates the staff for the achievement of organisational goals. The students should, therefore, understand the latest trends of market-forces to be able to exploit their individual talents,” the minister said.

Gilani said that students should always work with full zeal and devotion in their respective fields to emerge as role models for their juniors.

The Punjab government is committed to transfer the fruits of development at the grassroots so that all the people could equally benefit from the development agenda of the government, the minister concluded.