British Airways under fire for running out of food mid flights


British Airways is facing heavy criticism from passengers after running out of food on flights.

The airline has also been caught out failing to stock enough loo roll.

The problems sparked a wave of complaints from customers, many of whom are still fuming over BA’s recent decision to scrap free food on short-haul trips.

Tessa Hurrell, a passenger flying from London to the Canary Islands claimed that the cabin crew ran out of food by the time the trolley was halfway down the plane.

In a letter to Mail Online she wrote, “It took three hours for the stewardesses (only two of them) to reach us with the refreshments trolley (this was also the first time we had even been offered a drink), only to be told they had run out of food halfway through the plane. They just had a couple of packets of biscuits and nuts.”

Another passenger wrote on Twitter that the same thing happened on her flight back from the Canary Islands. Nancy Sproston wrote on Twitter, “Terrible flight. Ran out of food altogether by row 19. What’s going on?”

Another passenger claimed the staff was rude and they “ran out of food almost instantly”

Earlier this month a BA flight to Barbados was grounded at London Gatwick for more than five hours because there were not enough toilet paper rolls on board. Passengers had to wait while ground crew restocked the plane.

Flight delays could see BA paying hundreds of thousands in compensation claims, according to The Independent.

Courtesy: Daily Mail