Eight arrested during search operation


Karachi: The law enforcement agencies (LEA) and police during a search operation on Monday morning apprehended at least 8 suspects, including one foreigner, in various areas of the city.

According to details, the police and LEA have conducted a joint search operation in surrounding areas of 90 and Azizabad and apprehended at least 4 suspects and shifted them to undisclosed locations for an investigation.

During operation, the police have installed barricades on all the entry and exit points of the area and started checking. The specific houses were searched, conducted raids on hideouts of criminals and apprehended 4 suspects.

Sources said that operation was conducted on a tip-off.

On the other hands, the Awami colony police during an operation in Korangi arrested Anwar Ali, a target killer of the military wing of the MQM-London Group.

The suspect during investigation confessed his alleged involvement in the assassination of 20 peoples.

The police said that detained suspect was wanted to police in various cases of extortion.

The police have registered a case against him and started an investigation.

In another operation in Federal B-area, the Gulbahar police have arrested 2 street criminals and recovered motorbike and stolen items from their possession.

The Liaqatabad police have arrested extortionist Khurram Hussain and recovered weapons from his possession. The accused used to collect extortion from the salesmen of various companies who deliver products to shops of the area.

The Liaqatabad police have registered a case against him and started an investigation.