Heartwarming: Brave group of boys reclaim public space by standing outside girls’ colleges


A dynamic young collective called #boysatdhabasoutsidegirlscolleges has taken the bold initiative of moving towards finally conquering the one space where their gender could not go: girls’ colleges. And the first step in that direction is incessantly standing outside these colleges for hours at stretch.

Given the long hours that they spend in this noble activism, they start running tabs with the tea-stalls that are located in front of these educational institutions or, in the absence of one, start their own.

“I was just thinking one day that I am not going to let anyone shame me into not going anywhere I want to go or make me think I am some sort of creep, when all I want to do is have a cup of tea while I stalk the girls coming in and out of a college,” said Hassan Naqvi, founder of #boysatdhabasoutsidegirlscolleges.

“The boys shouldn’t ever have to suffer from this thing that I feel is somehow us girls’ fault,” said Fatima Hassan, while she stepped out uncomfortably from her college to go back to her hostel.