US military general warns that India-Pakistan conflict could escalate into ‘nuclear exchange’


A top US military general has warned that the conventional conflict between India and Pakistan may lead to a nuclear exchange. 

He further states that India’s policy to “diplomatically isolate” Pakistan makes it almost impossible for ties to improve between the two countries.

General Joseph L Votel told the US Senate’s Armed Services Committee at a hearing on Thursday that attacks in India from terrorists based in Pakistan and the reaction “likelihood for miscalculation by both countries” and “India’s public policy to ‘diplomatically isolate’ Pakistan hinders any prospects for improved relations”.

“This,” he told senators, “is especially troubling as a significant conventional conflict between Pakistan and India could escalate into a nuclear exchange, given that both are nuclear powers.”

The general’s command oversees US operations in Afghanistan and Pakistan and he echoed the country’s mounting concern with Pakistan, who he called a critical partner in counterterrorism, when he said that “of particular concern to us is the Haqqani Network (HQN) which poses the greatest threat to coalition forces operating in Afghanistan”.

To date, he stressed, “the Pakistan military and security services have not taken lasting actions against HQN” despite repeated calls from to the “Pakistanis to take the necessary actions to deny terrorists safe haven and improve security in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border region”.

Saying “there are challenges with respect to the US-Pakistani relationship, we have endeavoured to maintain a substantial level of engagement with our Pakistani military counterparts”.

India and Pakistan have an ongoing border issue for the longest time. The relationship between India and Pakistan further escalated when a surgical strike was undertaken by the Indian Army in 2016. India has time and again accused Pakistan of not taking any action against  India-focused militants based in Pakistan.


  1. Pakistan is facing terrorism from india and Afghanistan jointly.But Pakistan is always accused just to camouflage the nefarious designs of US,india and Afghanistan against Pakistan.This time the war between india and Pakistan may lead to third world war.China and Russia will never surrender their interests in the region because of strategic location of Pakistan.Iran,again a Nuclear country,will never favor india because of its alliance with US.Have US and allies won war with Taliban ?? no!!! and trying for face saving before leaving afghanistan.Till date which war US won??All US generals talk of Haqqani group of talibans to shift their incapability to fighting in Afghanistan terrains.

  2. Nuclear war ho jaye tho ho jane do… Roz ka problem se achha hai ki dono mai se koi ek khatam ho jaye..

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