Quick learner Nawaz can now name 6 of Sindh’s 29 districts


THATTHA – Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif Thursday announced that he can now name six of the 29 districts of Sindh, a province that he said has been ‘neglected’.

Addressing a large public gathering in Thatta, the PM announced a number of development projects for Thatta, Sujawal and Tando Mohammad Khan, the three new Sindh district names that Nawaz has learnt this week.

“I will launch a new phase of development in Sindh and bring modern basic facilities throughout the six districts that I can name,” the PM confirmed amidst rapturous applause.

The PM added that considering his quick learning speed he would soon memorise the names of the other 22 districts that would then be able benefit from PML-N’s development.

“I can assure you the progress in Sindh would be as swift as my learning capabilities,” Nawaz told the crowd. “I’ve almost doubled the tally of the number of Sindh districts that I could name in just a week. That comes down to memorising one name in little over two days. You can imagine the progress that lies in store for Sindh.”

Nawaz Sharif, who was earlier presented a long list of demands and issues confronting the people in Sindh, said it was the duty of the provincial government to start learning the names of districts in the province as well.