Over 450,000 civil servants receive training for Census 2017


LAHORE: Over 450,000 civil servants have been trained to take part in the sixth population census of the country which will begin on March 15.

According to the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, the census will take place in three phases and will end on May 25. Teams that will carry out census duties will include a civil servant and military personnel. Security will be ensured jointly by civil and intelligence forces.

The census which is expected to cost Rs17 billion will also take into account Bedouin and transgender communities.

Schools will remain open during the census.

A report submitted by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics to the government states the computerised census form will be filled with a ball point pen instead of a pencil.

Each civil servant who takes part in the census will receive Rs35000 as a stipend. All assistant commissioners and chief secretaries will receive an extra salary for the month.