Nisar threatens to block Facebook if Zuckerberg continues to ignore friend request


ISLAMABAD – Federal Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan on Thursday warned the administration of Facebook that their access will permanently be blocked in Pakistan if Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of the social networking site, Mark Zuckerberg continues to ignore his friend request.

The Islamabad High Court on Wednesday had ordered the government to block access to social media if anyone’s sentiments were offended.

On Thursday, the interior secretary assured the IHC that since Nisar’s own sentiments had been offended by none other than the CEO, he will personally supervise the action against Facebook.

Nisar’s warning came a day after he showed his utter annoyance at the refusal of the Facebook administration to share details of those persons whose friend requests Zuckerberg has yet to see.

“I would like to know if he has seen my request and deliberately ignored it or if he hasn’t seen it at all,” Nisar told the media on Thursday. “Because depending on that I would decide how offended I am. If it’s sufficient, you can all say goodbye to Facebook.”

The Federal Interior Minister also confirmed that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey isn’t following him back either, and this could mean Twitter being blocked in Pakistan as well.

Nisar also said that this lack of cooperation from the administration of these social media sites is impacting the National Action Plan.

“I mean add me and follow me as basic courtesy, even if you unfollow me on Facebook and mute me on Twitter,” Nisar said during the press conference. “At least that way I’d have proof of the successes on the National Action Plan in my Facebook Friends and Twitter Followers list.”

Amidst Pakistani authorities seeking access to traitors, it has just been confirmed that the names of Zuckerberg and Dorsey have been added to the list of miscreants. The Interior Ministry is hoping it would be able to access the accounts of these CEOs, for the sake of state security.


  1. This new is fake, no any court can take action due to anyone’s personal issues with facebook or with its administration

  2. Ye salon ne tanz keya hai mazak odhaya hai khabeson ne, satire dekho lekha hai, hum es genony tunz ki sakhti se mozamat karte hain.

  3. Facebook ko bund karo, logon ko demaghi mareez banaya howa hain, blasphemous posts se logon k ahsasat majro ho rahe hain or dosri janib America k kuty logon ko target bana k un ko azeyat dete hain q k pora internet un kuton k control mai hai.

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