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Seminar to mark women’s day held

By: Sawan Khaskheli

The role of women is important for the development of a society but unfortunately, women are not allowed to entertain their basic rights for past many decades.

These views were expressed by the speakers of the seminar- organised by a local organisation AWARE in collaboration with Oxfam- at Badin Press Club on Thursday to mark the International Women Day.

The speakers included Shamim Khatti, Mohammad Nawaz Memon, Tanveer Ahmed Arain, Badin Press Club President Nadeem Azeemi, Khadim Talpur, Mohammad Bux Soomro and others.

The speakers were of the view that women could be a source of change for the society and it is important to listen to their voices for the solution of the problems.

They went on to say that women participation in the social, economic and political sectors has been ignored for past many years in the country.

Addressing the participants, speakers of the seminar said that “we must make viable efforts to empower women as they can actively participate in a decision-making process”.

The speakers emphasised on women education and urged the government to provide them with equal resources and opportunities so they could prove to be a viable part of the society.

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