Schools in Virginia shut down while women mark “A day without a woman”


WASHINGTON: Many schools in Northern Virginia will be closed on Wednesday after many women opt to stay at home for “A Day Without a Woman” boycott to mark the International Women’s Day.

Public schools in parts of Virginia and the neighboring state of Maryland will be shut because of hundreds of staffers asked for the day off, news reports said. By the evening, some 1,700 teachers and 30 percent of the transportation staff had requested leave.
“We cannot transport students and provide safe, productive learning environments without adequate staff. As a result, schools will be closed tomorrow for students,” Dr. Kevin Maxwell, the CEO of schools said in a statement. In the city of Alexandria, more than 300 schools staffers requested the day off.

In a statement issued, the organizers of the Women’s March on Washington called for a one-day strike around the world, on International Women’s Day, to highlight the role of women in the society. As many as six schools will be closed in the capital Washington due to request by a large number of staffers who asked for time off to participate in A Day Without A Woman march.

Organizers of the strike said that protesters will march up to the White House and have asked the participants to take off from paid and unpaid leave and only spend money at small women-owned businesses.

It may be recalled that a similar march had been organized on Feb. 16 against the immigration policies of President Trump, when restaurants in Washington were closed to show importance of immigrants in America’s daily life.