Pak-Afghan border closes for indefinite period


PESHAWAR: The Pak-Afghan border has closed once again on Thursday for an indefinite period.

After being closed for 18 days, Pakistani authorities temporarily opened the border with Afghanistan for two days on Tuesday during which thousands of people flocked to crossings at Torkham and Chaman.

The border crossings were reopened as a goodwill geature by Pakistan to allow Afghan and Pakistani nationals stranded on both sides to return to their home countries.

According to border authorities, more than 24, 000 Afghan nationals crossed over to Afghanistan while over 900 Pakistanis returned to their homes from the neighbouring country amid tight security in the two days.

The Afghan government was informed that the border will remain opened for two days and only those will be allowed to cross border who have valid visa, however, trade activities will remain suspended.

Pak-Afghan border at two points was closed after a wave of terrorist attacks claimed more than 100 lives in Pakistan last month.



  1. Keep it closed, no favours for Indian proxy, let Iran shoulder this cumbersome burden, the Iranians are close to the Northern alliance. Since Pakistan became independent, Afghanistan had always been against Pakistan except when the soviet forces were there and during Taliban rule. It was the only country that did not recognise Pakistan after independence. Pakistan can gain access to central Asia through Iran and China. If Turkmenistan gas is to reach India through TAPI pipeline, Pakistan has the trump card, not Afghanistan.

  2. Betrayal is in Afghans blood, they never sincere to anyone they are not even sincere to their own people how could that be possible they can be sincere others whom gave them food and shelter for last 35 years.

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