Instagram introduces geostickers in Instagram Stories


Instagram announced the introduction of an early version of geostickers in Instagram Stories on Tuesday. Currently, the geostickers are available for just two international cities: New York City and Jakarta.

“With more than a dozen new stickers each for New York City and Jakarta, you have another creative option for adding context to your everyday moments,” said Instagram in a blog post.

To add a geostickers, tap the sticker icon while taking a photo/video and it will show geostickers at the top. Based on your location, you will have a custom sticker related to that particular place.

“You may see other stickers appear when you’re visiting select neighbourhoods and landmarks — each one is designed to match the vibe of the location it represents,” the blog added.

Users can add as many stickers as they want, adjust their size and placement and mix and match with other creative tools.

Further, just like the customisable location sticker, people watching your story can tap a geosticker to see the location page.