Day of Action for Rivers: PFF urges govt to save river ecology


By: Sawan Khaskheli

The Sindh Awami rally led by Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum (PFF) Mohammad Ali Shah on Wednesday to commemorate the International Day of Action for Rivers throughout the province with a demand to save river ecology and livelihoods of communities living along the Indus Delta reached Badin.

The rally was participated by dozens of the citizens, including women, children and men, hailing from different villages, towns and cities of the district.

The participants of the rally, including the fishermen communities, expressed solidarity with the communities globally engaged in environmental activism.

Addressing the participants Mohammad Ali Shah, said that an acute shortage of water was recorded which has been affecting the lives of thousands of people.

Highlighting the objectives of the rally, he said it would help in raising awareness regarding water rights among the communities as well as pressurise authorities to release sufficient amount of water for the survival of the livings.

“March 14 is a day to celebrate victories such as removal of dams and river restoration. The communities will take to the streets to press for demands of improvement in the policies and practices of decision makers with respect to water governance,” said Shah.

On the occasion, Fatima Majeed, Zulekhan, Mithan Mallah, Umar Mallah and others also addressed the participants.