Imran under fire for calling foreign PSL players ‘phateechar’


Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan ridiculed the foreign players that took part in the PSL final calling them phateechar players, the other day.

Most of the foreign players playing for Quetta gladiators refused to travel to Lahore to attend the PSL final, and the team had to include some less known international players as the last resort.

Watch what he said.



  1. its height of stupidity. he is doing politics and have no regard fro his own country. shame IK

    • You are too small a fry to comment that too in the wrong context. Get this translated before you again misinterpret.

  2. He is utter non-sense person (not even a human) who calls Africans as inferior. Down with this racist terrorist

  3. Imran is right. The players who mattered stayed put. The players who came were hardly known on the international level. If we are to invest so much Capital in hosting a few hours entertainment we should have had a binding contract. We were kept in suspense up to the last minute. Still i do acknowledge those who came. Imran is not racist!

  4. i was a supporter of IK, but after listening to him for a few years I have realised that he is a enemy of Pakistan and a friend of India,,
    why would he hold dharna while we waiting for Chinese president to sign CPEC, look at his comments around the cricket, look at his past comments regarding national action plan,,, I would ask IK supporters to open their eyes ,,, I am from uk . but visit Pakistan regularly and have not seen much change in KP,,

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