Ajoka’s Dara entthralls audience in US


Ajoka theatre’s internationally acclaimed Sufi play Dara was presented at the University of North Carolina to a full capacity 1,000 seats Memorial Hall. The play ended with several minute long applause. The play was presented as a part of the University’s Sufi Journey festival.

The play was introduced by Emil Kang, Director of the Carolina Performing Arts, followed by Professor Ernst, Co-Director of the Carolina Centre for the Study of the Middle East and Muslim Civilizations. They appreciated Ajoka’s work and the relevance of the theme of “Dara”.

There was a talk back discussion after the play participated by Shahid Nadeem, director the play and actors Nirvaan Nadeem, Uzma Kharal and Furqan Majeed. The Ajoka representatives answered questions from the audience and thanked the audience for their warm response. Shahid Nadeem said that in response to the hype about “radical Islamic terrorism”, we have brought radical Islamic Sufism, with the message of peace and goodwill. The evening ended with a reception given by the Carolina Performing Arts for the Ajoka team.