AJK prime minister urges int’l community to play role for Kashmir’s freedom


Azad Jammu and Kashmir Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider has called upon the Arab world to stand by Pakistan’s diplomatic efforts for the freedom of occupied Kashmir from India. Kashmir and Palestine are two unresolved issues of the right to self-determination on the agenda of United Nations, he added.

Talking to correspondents of foreign media here at Kashmir House on Sunday, he said that Israel and India were countries of the same mindset and violators of human rights in their respective jurisdictions.

“India never supported Palestinian cause by heart; rather, it continuously got weapons of mass destruction from Israel to use them in occupied Kashmir,” he added and maintained that Israel is one of the third big weapon suppliers to India.

He said it is the time and opportunity for Arab countries to support Pakistan on its just stance on Kashmir, and don’t welcome Indian prime minister on the Arab soil.

He said India is a cunning country which inherits the track record of deceiving international community whether it was Kashmir issue in United Nations—where Indian leadership made pledges of holding plebiscite in occupied Kashmir and later went back to its promises—or Palestine, for which Indian leaders supported Yasir Arafat and condemned Israel for its human rights violations in occupied territory of Palestine, and now Modi is likely to visit Israel in July this year to sign the purchase of weapons and other deals.

The prime minister said both Kashmir dispute and Palestine fully deserve the basic human rights and respect in accordance with the UN charter of human rights, and it was the obligation of the international community to play its role in the implementation of United Nations resolutions on Jammu and Kashmir as well as Palestine.



  1. No one ,even if it is your [email protected] god can save them ,JK is ours from time immemorial and has been firmly attested after good riddance by its royal to willingly accede to India

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