Musharraf super excited about latest job he’s unqualified for: APML spokesman


DUBAI – After leading a war against the neighbouring country on the world’s highest battlefield, running a country for eight years, contesting elections, authoring a book and heading his own political party, Gen (R) Pervez Musharraf is ready for the latest job he is not qualified for, the former military dictator’s spokesman has confirmed.

The retired general and former president of Pakistan, Pervez Musharraf, who will reportedly host a weekly show called ‘Sab Se Pehle Pakistan with President Musharraf’ every Sunday at 8pm on Bol TV, is super excited about his new career direction, Dr Muhammad Amjad, secretary general of All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) said.

“Military, politics, literature, public speaking, crime and now journalism, here’s a man who’s done it all in so many different professions,” he said while talking to The Dependent. “And he’s had a bona fide stint in the judiciary as well that we don’t give him credit for. I mean not President Musharraf’s well wishers at least.”

When asked why he was still referring to the former military dictator as ‘President’ Dr Amjad confirmed the ex-Army Chief has officially changed his name. “You can check his NADRA records. President is his first name, Pervez middle and Musharraf surname. That’s why the Bol show also has ‘President Musharraf’ in the title. He wanted to throw in Syed as well, but Syed President Musharraf would’ve looked weird.”

The APML spokesman further said that the secret behind Musharraf’s successes is his lack of qualifications.

“Once you get certification for a particular profession you tend to focus on that career throughout your life,” he said. “It is always the unqualified that tend to try their hands in different fields. And our unqualified President has conquered so many different realms.”