Spiritual healer scorches boy in Gujranwala with burning coal


A ‘spiritual healer’ allegedly burned a 15-year-old boy’s legs and lower body with hot coals in Gujranwala’s Khayali area Sunday night.

The teenager’s father took him to Yasmin, a ‘spiritual healer’ on Sunday in an attempt to heal him, since the boy had been ill for quite some time.  Yasmeen told them that she would give a taweez (amulet) to the boy to ward off his prolonged illness. Instead of which, she burned the boy’s lower body with coal fire, which resulted in him getting severely injured.

On taking him to the hospital, the doctors told the family that the boy could be suffering from a neurological disorder that could result in seizures.

Police have registered a First Information Report against Yasmeen and have taken her in for further interrogation.