Hamza Ali Abbasi sends confusing congratulatory message to Mahershala Ali


Pakistani Actor Hamza Ali Abbasi became part of the controversy surrounding Moonlight actor Mahershala Ali’s becoming the first ‘Muslim’ actor to win an Oscar, given his Ahmadi religion.

The star took to Facebook on Monday evening to issue a somewhat confusing congratulatory message to Mahershala on his victory. “Congratulations, Mahershala Ali, for winning as Oscar! I highly disagree with your Ahmadi religion and my countrymen think you are not Muslim,” posted Hamza. “However, you believe with all your heart and soul that you are a Muslim and putting all scholarly debates about Aqeeda aside, that’s enough for me to feel the bond of brotherhood with you and congratulate you on your win. CONGRATULATIONS!”


  1. What is the relevancy of this congratulatory message when he disagrees with the religion of oscar winner.? Pakistani don't try to act smart. Everyone in the world knows how capable you are in terms of supporting the terrorism. Don't try to impose your importance on the world because you are not so important for the world.

  2. Hume aisa bolne se pehle apne giriban me jhanko. Jaha india me har roz na jane kitne musalmano ko be gunah qatal kia jata hai. Sab se bari intiha pasand qoum to tumhari hai. KAbhi PAKISTAN ana or dekhna tmhe hidu or muslims me koi farq nazar nahi ayega. bcoz religion ke nam per laraya karna hamara kam nhii..

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