CTD arrests MQM terrorists, seizes weapons


KARACHI: The Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) announced the arrest of three suspected terrorists belonging to MQM on Sunday.

SSP Umer Shahid said that the three suspects were apprehended in Malir’s Ghazi Town graveyard while smuggling weapons he said in a press conference in Garden headquarter Karachi.

The accused were also in the possession of a number of weapons including six klashinokovs, LMG, six repeators, 5 TT pistols and two 7mm rifles which have now been taken away by the police.

The three men have been identified as Anwar Hussain, Asif Mumtaz alias Meer and Khurram Sheheryar alias Lamba.

“One of them was the unit in-charge and said that these three belonged to what is now being called MQM-London” he said.

The suspects confessed to their crimes and also gave the police the names of their leaders.

“I committed the murders on the orders of Muqarram Zaidi who was our unit incharge,” said one of the arrested terrorists.