Artists determined to counter enemy designs, says Zareen Sharif



  • Shrines are symbol of peace, and enemies had proved their barbarianism by attacking them

The enemies of Pakistan want to create unrest and halt economic prosperity in the country by using different tactics, but film stars and artists will work against their nefarious designs.

“Pakistanis are peace loving nation but they are a target of planned conspiracy by the enemies. Terrorists are acting to create unrest in Pakistan, but we [artists] are committed to counter these negative campaigns,” film star Zareen Sharif said in an interview on Sunday.

She said that the artists were peace loving people and they did not want to see killings and deaths anywhere in the world. While condemning incidents of terrorism in Lahore and other parts of the country, she said that killing of innocents citizens was an atrocious act.

“I am worried about poor, workers and devotees of the ‘mazars’ who get murdered in such attacks. I used to visit Dargah Lal Shahbaz Qalandar. Such places are a symbol of peace and love and enemies had proved their barbarianism by attacking such places,” she said.

She said that she and some other artists were already working in this regard for promoting a soft image of the country on self-help basis. If concerned institutions collaborated with the artists, much better results could be obtained, she added. “Artists can take the responsibility of countering negative propaganda against our society, provided we get official patronage and required facilities towards this,” she said.

She also rejected politics of protests and sit-ins. The country needs unity, commitment and joining hands with each other for collective welfare, she said.

Zareen Sharif, responding to a question, said that modern technology had changed working in film industry. New technology had created new opportunities for Pakistani film industry to regain past glory.

“We produced many legendary movies in Urdu language in the past, later a phase came when our industry restricted to just Punjabi movies, but the situation is changing now once again and Urdu movies are coming back to the film industry of Pakistan”, she said.