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Woman who has visited every Test playing country says Pakistan best to host PSL final

LAHORE: A white American woman, whose name and qualifications are irrelevant considering her nationality, her skin colour and the feel good endorsement, has put Pakistan in her top 10 places the Pakistan Super League final should be held.

The woman who has visited every Test playing country in the world has put Pakistan in the fifth position in an article on her personal blog about the best places to host the Pakistan Super League final.

From all the countries she visited, the travel enthusiast gave Sports Travel her list of top 10 places that can host the final.

In the blog she says that all international players and teams should visit Pakistan “to get a true sense of raw, authentic war zone experience.”

She believes the adrenaline pumping that couples sports action with counter-terror measures are unique to Pakistan and this makes the country the fifth best choice to host its own cricket league.

The author says her time in Pakistan was one of the “many wonderfully educational and culturally enriching experiences”. She claims that it helped her value life in general, adding that the joy in reaching home alive and safe was the happiest she has ever felt.

Other names that appear on the list of countries that should host the PSL final are UAE, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and England as the top four. “While UAE is not a Test playing country, the fact that it is the only country that has hosted the tournament thus far, gives it edge over other cricket playing countries,” the blog maintains.

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The above piece is a work of satire and does not present itself as the truth.

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