Three-branched conspiracy capability allows India, Pakistan to accuse one another of just about anything


ISLAMABAD/NEW DELHI – A diverse portfolio of weapons has now allowed India and Pakistan to accuse one another of just about anything, South Asian analysts believe.

Sharing their thoughts on the conspiracy triad that the two South Asian giants have equipped themselves with, security analysts from both sides of the border believe India and Pakistan now have successfully attained conspiracy deterrence.

“The rationale for acquiring a three-branched conspiracy capability is to lessen the odds of the rival wiping out all your senses in a first-strike attack that singlehandedly defies the share of logic and common sense of both the countries,” says Jamshed Ali of Conspiracy Crazies (CC) an Islamabad-based think tank.

“The second strike capability is important for there to be mutually assured destruction and hence the needed deterrence,” believes Jonathan Lloyd of the Washington-based Bizarre Brown Brawls (BBB). “Like for instance Pakistan accusing India of targeting PSL, while India reciprocated with the UP rail crash allegation.”

Karishma Khanna of South Asian Deterrence (SAD), a Mumbai-based organisation suggests that diversity in the weapons portfolio is the key for both nations.

“Diversification is advantageous for defense. States cannot know which weapons are most effective on this unique battlefield of conspiracy. If you’re creative enough, there are absolutely no limits to what you can do to the other,” she says.

South Asian experts believe that the Indo-Pak rivalry has now entered a crucial stage where the sheer magnitude of conspiracies has become an existential crisis for the entire planet.