Ambassador Gabol returns to brief Zardari after extensive political parties tour


KARACHI: Ambassador Nabil Gabol returned this Saturday to brief PPP co-chairperson Asif Zardari about his travels to other parties where he lived according to their customs.

“Your excellency, as per your directions, I have visited the neighbouring party of the MQM, where I learnt their ways of life,” he said, presenting a report to Zardari. “During my study there, I learnt the subtle art of knee-drilling as well as not letting even my supporters vote for me through the thappa system.”

“After that, I ventured to the distant land of the PTI, where I learnt how to dance like no one’s watching and pray like many cameras are watching,” he said.

After a brief stay at the PPP, Gabol is expected to embark on a trip of the Muslim Leagues, first the PML(F) and then the PML(N).  He is expected to drop the PML(Q) out of his itinerary on account of its remoteness.

As per inside reports, Gabol is expected to be promoted from the PPP’s ambassador at large to being the PPP’s foreign secretary in the near future.