NCA closed for 10 days, hostels vacated


The National College of Arts (NCA), Lahore, was closed for a week because of security concerns and students were instructed to vacate the hostels immediately late on Friday.

One girls’ and two boys’ hostels were vacated for one week. As many as 200 boys and 100 girls live in these hostels and all of them suffered as a result of the administration’s abrupt decision.

Most of the students come from far-flung areas of the country and were found stranded on the roads outside their hostels as most of them do not have any alternate place to live in the city.

According to police sources, a notice was issued to the college administration to improve security arrangements a week ago. Police officials repeatedly asked the administration to beef up security but they failed to comply with the orders. Now, police officials say that the hostels will remain closed until the security is improved.

According to the college administration, the campus will open on March 6.