Japan extends grant aid of Rs453 million to Pakistan to fight terrorism


Japan has agreed to extend a grant aid of Rs453 million ($4.43 million) to the government of Pakistan under its “Economic and Social Development Programme”.

According to a statement issued by the Japanese Embassy in a press release on Friday, the grant will be utilised to install face recognition systems – a computer application capable of identifying or verifying an individual from a digital image of human face images captured by CCTVs – at major international airports in Pakistan.

A grant-aid agreement in this matter was signed between Japanese Ambassador Takashi Kurai and Economic Affairs Division (EAD) Secretary Tariq Mahmood Pasha at the EAD on Friday on behalf of their respective governments.

The grant assistant has been designed to promote economic and social developments in the field of security improvement and counterterrorism by providing the face recognition systems at Pakistani airports, said the press release.

It added that the system, equipped with advanced Japanese technology, aims to protect local and international travellers from any unexpected situation by enhancing airport security.