KP governor urges officials to focus on agriculture, irrigation in FATA



Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Governor Iqbal Zafar Jhagra has asked the authorities concerned to take concrete steps to further improve the performance and working of agriculture, live stock, fisheries and irrigation sectors in FATA.

With proper development of the aforesaid yields, he added, quite a good number of new employment opportunities could be generated. Additional Chief Secretary, FATA Fida Wazir, Secretary, P&LDD, FATA Abdul Latif, Director, Agriculture and other concerned senior officials attended the meeting.

The governor was briefed in detail on agriculture sector in FATA. It was told on this occasion that in FATA, 0.696 million hectare land was available out of which 0.23 million hectares were being applied for cultivation point of view. The governor was further informed that 16 small dams were in operation in FATA through which 7686 hectare area was irrigated.

Referring to various points, the governor said, by focusing upon agriculture, live stock and fisheries sectors not only ratio of productivity could be enhanced but many more employment opportunities could be generated. In fact, he added, agriculture bears the status of backbone in the national economy. To enhancing cultivable area in FATA, he remarked, there is a need to develop agriculture sector on scientific lines and concentrate upon research and innovation to make this possible.