ICT police go on monthly rampage




Almost at the end of every month, the Islamabad Police in order to fill the blank papers of files pretend to improve monthly performance report by impounding vehicles.

Same happened at the end of the second month of 2017. The police booked hundreds of motorbikes, cars and detained 90 suspects.

Islamabad police on Thursday alone impounded 475 bikes and 24 vehicles at various police stations during checking in the city and from check posts which were driven without documents.

Curiously, the police have a habit to book the pedestrians, drivers of motorbikes and cars, calling them suspects and then, all of them get bail the very next day as nothing is found against them. It is pertinent to mention here that most of the vehicles impounded during the operation, are released the very next day.

According to details, Senior Superintendent of Police (Operations) Islamabad Sajid Kiani directed for high vigilance in the city following which general hold up and checking was started in various areas.

During this special checking and general hold up, police impounded 475 bikes as well as 24 vehicles being driven without documents. Meanwhile, 90 suspects were also held during checking in various areas.

SSP Sajid Kiani has said that the purpose of this exercise was to ensure high vigilance in the city and every effort will be made to ensure protection to the lives and property of citizens. He has also appealed to the citizens to remain vigilant and inform police in case of any suspicious activity around them.