Aseefa Bhutto snubs Punjab govt over misinformation on Lahore blast


Aseefa Bhutto Zardari, daughter of slain former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto snubbed Punjab government over misformation related to the blast in Lahore’s DHA area.

The Punjab government earlier said the blast was caused by a generator at the DHA’s Y block. However, many refused to accept the provincial government’s claim given the intensity of the blast and the recent wave of terror attacks across the country.

Aseefa Zardari questioned why the provincial government continued to insist that it was a generator blast. “Govt of Punjab still thinks it’s a generator,” she tweeted.

In response, the official Twitter account of the Punjab government criticised Aseefa for playing politics with the tragedy. “Madam, can we keep politics out for a while please? Kindly check our timeline to see all updates instead of quoting out of context. Thanks!” it advised daughter of the former president.

Aseefa Zardari in reply slammed the government for funding terrorist attacks.

At least eight people were killed while 30 others sustained injuries in a blast (originally suspected to be a generator explosion) at a restaurant in Z Block of DHA on Thursday, police said.