French astronaut shares stunning picture of Karachi from space


KARACHI: French astronaut Thomas Pesquet shared an image of a Karachi taken from space that justifies why it is called the ‘city of lights’.shimmering with lights from space on Tuesday from his Twitter account, showing the port city from afar.

He shared the picture on Tuesday from his Twitter account showing the port city from afar, shimmering with lights.

For those who wonder how Karachi looks from the space where spaceships and satellites orbit celestial bodies, then astronaut Thomas Pesquet leaves nothing to your imagination. The French astronaut, who often shares images from his spaceship above of cities and countries, shared this image of Pakistan’s most important port city on Twitter.

The dark blue Arabian Sea can be seen clearly in the image against the contrasting bright lights of the city. Karachi, known as the City of Lights, is known for its nightlife where shops are often till way past midnight unlike certain other cities of the country.