Federal Shariat Court declares ‘test tube baby’ method legal | Pakistan Today

Federal Shariat Court declares ‘test tube baby’ method legal

The Federal Shariat Court (FSC) the other day validated the option of using ‘test tube baby’ method for conceiving babies for married couples who were having some medical complications.

In its 22 page decision, the court declared that if “the sperm has been obtained from the father and the egg from the mother and the same has been fertilised in the test tube through medical process and the embryo is then placed in the womb of the actual mother, in that case the child would belong to the actual mother and father.”

“This process cannot be considered as illegal or against the Injunctions of Holy Quran and Sunnah,” according to the document.

Giving the reason, the court said, “The reason is that the sperm and the egg belong to the actual father and mother. If the couple agrees to go through the prescribed medical procedure then in that case legally no question can be raised in respect of the birth of the child. The child in such a case by all means would be legal and legitimate.”

The court, however, made it clear that any other condition for obtaining a test tube baby would be considered un-Islamic.