Pakistan, India extend pact on reducing risk of nuclear weapons-related accidents



Pakistan and India have agreed to extend their bilateral agreement on reducing the risk from accidents relating to nuclear weapons for a period of five years (2017-2022).

It may be mentioned here that this agreement came into force in 2007 and was subsequently extended for a period of five years in 2012.

The agreement constitutes a part of the confidence building measures (CBMs) agreed upon by Pakistan and India.

It is aimed at promoting a stable environment of peace and security between the two countries. It is premised on the recognition that the nuclear dimension of the security environment of the two countries adds to their responsibility for avoidance of conflict.

It provides for immediate exchange of information between the two countries in the event of any accident relating to nuclear weapons, under their respective jurisdiction and control, which could create the risk of radioactive fallout, with adverse consequences for both sides, or create the risk of an outbreak of a nuclear war.

Pakistan believes in the need for both sides to stay engaged for strategic stability in South Asia.