Petition filed in SC for Bol defying court order



Jibran Nasir, an advocate and human rights activist, has filed a fresh petition in the Supreme Court against Bol TV channel and its administration for airing the programme ‘Aisay Nahin Chalay Gaa’ despite the Supreme Court’s bench order.

The petition reads that the host of the show, Amir Liaquat and Bol’s senior management was present in the court when the Justice Amir Hani Muslim-led bench ordered the channel management to take the show off air.

However, despite being aware of the SC order, the channel kept Sindh High Court in the dark and got a stay by not disclosing the order in its entirety. Two days later Sindh High Court vacated the stay once the PEMRA provided it with a written copy of the full order and during those two days the channel went on air, tantamount to contempt of court.

The petition attaches previous order of the Supreme Court and the Sindh High Court and a transcription of the programmes aired on February 8 and February 9, 2017.