Arms belonging to MQM London seized


KARACHI: The law enforcement agencies during a raid in New Karachi seized a large consignment of weapons belonging to MQM London from a house.

According to details, the law enforcement agencies conducted a raid at a house in New Karachi Sector 11-D and recovered a consignment of arms, police officials said.

Seven rifles, one 9mm gun, eight 30 bore guns, a triple two rifle, G-3 gun, a sub-machine gun and large quantity of rounds and magazines were recovered from the house.

The law enforcement personnel have arrested a policeman, a state agent and the owner of the house.

According to police, MQM London member Imran Sheikh had provided ammunition to police personal Atif Meraj.

The arrested policeman was recruited in the department due to political influence, officials said.

The state agent and house owner were arrested for giving the premises on rent without any documents.