Imran linked Nawaz with Panama Papers for political gains: Marriyum



Minister of State for Information, Broadcasting and National Heritage Marriyum Aurangzeb on Thursday said the name of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was not mentioned in the Panama Papers, but PTI Chairman Imran Khan made a deliberate attempt to link him with the case for political reasons.

Talking to media persons outside the Supreme Court, the minister said that Nawaz Sharif was perhaps the first prime minister in the world who had abdicated his legal immunity and presented himself for accountability.

The prime minister’s counsel did not contest the maintainability of the case as Nawaz Sharif himself wanted that allegations against his name, should be cleared. The minister said that authenticated and verified documents as a proof regarding property transfer and money trail had been submitted to the court and if Imran Khan had any objection, he should bring counter evidence in the court, instead of levelling unsubstantiated allegations.

The minister said that Imran Khan was trying to give the impression that no documents and proofs had been presented by PML-N counsels which was wrong and as the information minister it was her responsibility to unravel the truth before the nation.

On the other hand, she said the PTI team presented only newspaper clippings and forged documents in the court and no proofs were given to counter PML-N documents.

She said Nawaz Sharif was the only prime minister in the history of Pakistan who had won the mandate of the people thrice.

She said Pakistan was fortunate that it had a visionary leader like Nawaz Sharif as its prime minister who had made the defence of the country impregnable and revived the economy besides launching a record number of energy projects. a

The health insurance programme was also a gift from the prime minister to the nation, she added.

Today, she said, the counsel of Sharif family, Salman Akram Raja had completed his arguments. She said that Imran Khan had been repeating the same arguments for the last nine months, adding that the PTI had been repeatedly hurling allegations regarding money laundering, tax evasion and ownership of London flats in the 1990s as well as claiming that Maryam Nawaz was the beneficial owner of that property.

The minister said that the PML-N leadership still wanted Imran Khan to focus on serving the people rather than wasting his time on drawing up mere feasibilities of the projects. She said Imran should stop creating hurdles in the development process, abandon politics based on falsehood in the next 19 months and play a constructive role in the progress of the country.

The minister said that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif also loved people of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and wanted to initiate a comprehensive programme inclusive of security, transport, health and education projects.

She also said that Imran Khan should join hands with the government to get these projects implemented and executed in KP province.


  1. What Nawaz Sharif have got nothing to prove his innocence, he got not even one single money trail to show.
    Nawaz Sharif is a thief along with his whole family, his daughter is playing a frontman roll in this whole money laundering game.

  2. These puppets come on TV and make news conference to defend a money launder and liar, these are involved in same kind of crimes too that's why criminals defend criminals.

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