Security alert issued over threats for schools in Punjab


The intelligence agencies have issued a security alert over threats of terrorism across Punjab.

The intelligence agencies issued a red alert. “Terrorists may target hospitals, schools and projects affiliated with China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC),” the security agencies stated in a notification.

“Vital installations and important buildings may be the target of terrorists,” the alert said.


According to the letter issued by the security agencies, the terrorists who hailed from Syria and Iraq may launch attacks on hospitals.

Security and search operation have been beefed up across the province to contain and eliminate terrorists, according to the security alert.



  1. Threats will be issued but nothing will be done as usual, this is what has happened repeatedly in the past. Apart from their own security, looting the nations coffers and assets, mega projects with kick backs and passing laws to protect their thuggery, the rulers have no other interest or concern.

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