PEMRA bans ‘Live with Dr Shahid Masood’ for 30 days


ISLAMABAD: The Sindh Council of Complaints has recommended suspension of Dr Shahid Masood and his programme “Live with Dr Shahid Masood” for 30 days and imposition of Rs 1 million fine on the channel for making baseless allegations against the Pakistan Army and federal ministers for Finance and Defence without any proof.

Federal Minister for Finance Senator Muhammad Ishaq Dar lodged a complaint with PEMRA, stating through his lawyer that the anchor, in the programme aired on January 24, 2017, made allegations of defamatory nature about an alleged meeting in Rawalpindi, with intentions of attacking the integrity of the federal minister.

He further stated that the defamatory content was aired regarding an alleged meeting of Dar and Khawaja with the senior military leadership in Rawalpindi. Whereas, no such meeting took place and the allegations were false and fabricated and presented a totally fictitious account.

M/s. Labbaik Private Limited was provided two opportunities of hearing at PEMRA Council of Complaints, however, the TV channel and its host/co-host failed to defend their position.

Therefore, it was decided to suspend Dr Shahid Masood and his programme for 30 days along with the imposition of Rs 1 million fines. If any violation by BOL News or NewsOne, PEMRA would be entitled to take action against the license holder(s), in accordance with the law.