Valentine’s Day: District Administration cancels all NOCs for events, programmes


ISLAMABAD: According to the notification issued by the Islamabad Capital Territory District Magistrate the celebration of the Valentine’s Day and its promotion on the electronic and print media is ‘hereby banned with immediate effect’. The ban came after Islamabad High Court’s order.

The Islamabad High Court (IHC) on Monday imposed a ban on celebrating Valentine’s Day across the capital. The order came during a hearing of a petition arguing that the day is not part of Muslim tradition.

According to the court order, Valentine’s Day-related festivities have been banned in public places as well as on an official level. Electronic and print media have also been directed to not give coverage to any promotion of the day celebrating love.

The IHC directed the information ministry, federal government, PEMRA chairman and chief commissioner to submit a reply within 10 days.

Immediately, after the court issued an order, the government and District Administration of Islamabad imposed a ban on the celebrations of Valentine’s Day.

It further says that no event shall be held at official level and any public place. Furthermore, it cancelled all the NOC’s issued for the day in different areas and localities of Islamabad.

Furthermore, the notification read that no programme or function would be held in Islamabad on Valentine’s Day.

Last year, President Mamnoon Hussain urged the nation not to celebrate Valentine’s Day.


  1. God forbid they treat their women with love and respect for at least one day. Valentines Day isn't even a "religious" event anyway; it is a day set aside to show love to one's husband/wife. Islam is so against the west and christianity that it can't even make logical sense.

    Oh well, I guess their goats get all the attention on Feb 14th.

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