Two held for illegally hunting ibex in GB



Local police have arrested two men for illegally shooting an ibex in Gilgit-Baltistan.

Suspects Amin Khan and Riaz Karim, both residents of Hunza Valley, shot the ibex on Saturday, a member of a conservation committee said.

According to police officials, community representatives caught wind of the hunt and subsequently informed wildlife officials, conservation committee members, and the local police about the unlicenced hunt.

After the police got in touch, the Wildlife Department raided a house and recovered ibex meat, horns and a telescope which could have been used to spot the wild goat in the mountains. The accused were later presented in a local court, where a magistrate imposed a fine of Rs70,000 on Amin Khan.

The illegal hunt, which is not the first in the region, came in the middle of trophy hunting, which is a government-sponsored programme to ensure endangered populations do not decrease.