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Fashion is about being comfortable in your skin: Mohsin Naveed Ranjha

Fashion industry in Pakistan has been expanding day after day. Lots of new designers have been paving their way into the market.

Similar is the case with Mohsin Naveed Ranjha of MNR Design Studios. He stepped into the industry in 2011 and made his debut at HUM TV Bridal Couture Week 2014. Since then, he has made a remarkable mark in the field with his extraordinary royal designs.

The Ranjha brothers Mohsin and Abubakar are seen as the biggest support system for each other. They have been working endlessly to make MNR Design Studio one of the classiest fashion hub in the country.

Not only that, MNR displayed his collection ‘Chaap Tilak’ at the recent QMobile Bridal Couture Week, which got a lot of appreciation from the audience as well. The use of velvets on red and black was just a treat for the eye and especially for the brides-to-be.

Following the success at BCW, Pakistan Today (PT) had a chance to chat with the talented designer and know more about him, his work, his collection ‘Chaap Tilak’ of course and what’s in store for MNR Design Studios in the near future.

PT: Tell us more about Mohsin Naveed Ranjha (MNR).

MNR: As a person I am very calm and composed, a little shy at times. I am usually a little awkward around new faces. I would also consider myself as a learner who is always trying to put his best foot forward with some quality work.

As a designer, my objective is to make a well-reputed name in the fashion industry. I want to create new ways for people who want to pursue fashion designing as a career and other similar fields.

PT: What made you start your own business?

MNR: I belong to a business background. My family has been running a textile business for as long as I can remember.

To continue running my family business was not in my to-do list. I had different plans for myself since the beginning.

I worked for 3 months after completing my bachelor’s in fashion and textile, but I knew I was meant for something greater and thus, ‘MNR Design Studio’ started.

 PT: We saw your collection ‘Chaap Tilak’ at BCW earlier, tell us about the collection. Why the use of velvets?

MNR: ‘Chaap Tilak’ is inspired by Victorian architecture and historic styles. It is a beautiful blend of Middle East and Asian influences; reflecting intricate and alluring designs with detailed motives and floral impressions.

Incorporating Mughal flora and fauna, this collection offers illustrated comprehensive examinations including western cuts and detailed embellishments.

Furthermore, the indulging JURAO jewelry making technique and captivating colour palette of compelling shades like maroon, realist beige and aqueduct makes this collection one of its kind.

The use of velvets highlights the royal Mughal era giving the dresses a royal and majestic look.

Not only that, we had to keep the wedding season in mind because velvet is the fabric for this season.

PT: How was the experience displaying at BCW?

MNR: BCW is one of the biggest platforms for designers to display their wedding collection. It has always been very welcoming to me and many such designers who want to showcase their talent in the fashion industry.

It is one of the biggest platforms which plays a vital role in boosting my confidence, because of the amazing response I get.

Furthermore, it is always a great pleasure working with HUM TV and the BCW team. I look forward to working with them soon again in the future.

PT: What response did you get from the collection?

MNR: To be honest, I got really good response from everyone.

‘Chaap Tilak’ is a great hit. It is because of platforms like BCW that my work is getting recognition with each passing day. Not just locally but internationally as well.

PT: Has appearing in such fashion shows helped your brand marketing? Or do you think a designer can make a mark in the market some other way as well. How?

MNR: Your work speaks volume about your brand. Fashion weeks just add value to your work, as you get a chance to display your work to the larger fashion audience in more creative and trendy way.

It is just the first step forward for any designer, a small platform to give you a headstart, but after that it’s all up to your dedication towards your passion, that you can take to a whole new level.

PT: Tell us about what’s new and what’s next for MNR?

MNR: There are lots of exciting things lined up for the fans and clients

One of them is that MNR Design Studio is opening an outlet in Lahore for the convenience of the customers.

PT: Tell us about your men’s line?

MNR: We are going to start a suiting line for our men’s collection. We are working hard for our first suiting line collection. Keeping my fingers crossed, I hope the people will like the collection.

PT: Where do you get your inspiration from for each collection?

MNR: I love nature and anything that is unique in its own way; this is what inspires me.

Nature, Mughal era, architecture and travelling are my main source of inspiration, which I try to showcase my collection.

PT: How does your personal style statement reflect in your collection?

MNR: My personal style statement is ‘trendy yet classy’. This is what I reflect in my collections. It’s all about being comfortable in your skin and fashion comes easy.

PT: From what we have seen you operate from Gujranwala, how do you plan on penetrating into the Karachi and Lahore market?

MNR: I am working on opening my own outlet in Lahore. As far as Karachi is concerned I am brainstorming ideas to open my store there as well. It will be a big surprise for my Karachi fans.

PT: Is it difficult to design the men’s collection or the women’s collection? Why?

MNR: I equally enjoy designing both but my interest is mainly towards designing bridals. Moreover, designing bridals is more challenging, thus I am keen towards crafting masterpieces in the bridal category.

Nonetheless, I put an equal effort and passion in designing menswear, but designing bridals tops my list.

PT: Your take on the Pakistani fashion industry?

MNR: As far as work is concerned, the industry needs more professionals.

I recently came across a few people who aren’t committed to their work and take their skills for granted.

But, on the other hand, I am glad to see such talented designers taking the stages by storm with their fashion aesthetics.

I am very happy to be a part of this industry and I promise to put my best for as long as I can for my clients and fans.

PT: What’s the one thing your clients demand from you and what do you do to fulfill it?

MNR: My clients mostly demand something unique and trendy for themselves.

So, to satisfy them with my collection with the new fashion trends is all what needs to be done.

Saneela Jawad

The author is a former member of the staff. Her interests lie in culture, fashion and highlighting social injustices. She's also on a mission to end hunger with the initiative Tiffin Point. She tweets at @SaneelaJawad Email: [email protected]

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