Basant Arrests: Police nab 13 kite sellers, kite flyers



Rawalpindi Police in a crackdown against kite sellers and kite flyers on Thursday arrested 13 in violation of law and seized 13,041 kites with 585 kite flying string rolls from the possession of the accused.

According to the police’s spokesman, Ratta Amral police acting on a tip-off conducted a raid in Millad Nagar, Dhoke Ratta, and netted two kite sellers namely Muhammad Ijaz and Javed Iqbal along with recovery of over 10,000 kites and 500 kite flying string rolls worth Rs 700,000.

In other operation, Pirwadhai Police arrested Mustakeem for having 90 kites and two string rolls. Waris Khan Police netted Hamza Rasheed with 110 kites and four string rolls. Race Course police recovered 120 kites from Sajjad, 500 kites and 10 string rolls from Tariq Mahmood.

Airport Police apprehended Sadaqat on recovery of 20 kites and Basit with 60 kites. Gujar Khan Police arrested Abdul Wahab and seized 1050 kites with 50 kite flying string rolls.

Saddar Baroni Police rounded up Sajjad Ali for carrying 16 kites and six kite flying string rolls while Abdul Rasheed was sent behind the bars for having 15 kites and five string rolls.

He said, the raids would continue to ensure implementation on the law of ban on kite flying. Strict action in accordance with the law would be taken against the rules violators, he added.