IS spreads chilling propaganda in Parachinar


Peshawar: Militants from notorious terror outfit Islamic State (IS) –also known as Daish– are running amok distributing propaganda pamphlets in the Parachinar area, sources reported on Tuesday. The pamphlets came to surface in the Capital of the Kurram Agency in FATA. It is significant to note that the pamphlets have been discovered in a region bordering two different Afghan provinces, namely Khost and Logar.

Consisting of four black-and-white pictures and some text, the pamphlet seems to be an odd mixture, serving not only as an introduction to the locals, but simultaneously also as a threat and an invitation to join. The pamphlet, printed out on two plain pages, addresses its readers in Pushto and states, “With the blessing of Almighty Allah we have become victorious in Afghanistan and shall now extend our activities to the tribal areas controlled by Pakistan. We will fight against the Shia people in Kurram, Aurakzai, Hangu and Dera Ismael Khan.”

The chilling threat of sectarianism is followed by an eerie declaration of violence, “We are in close contacts with fellow Mujahideen who are determined to fight against infidels, we are also determined to clear the area of infidels,” states the pamphlet.

Other than the short message delivered in text, the pamphlet is accompanied by four pictures, two of which show IS militants, while another displays an IS flag, and lastly the scene from a public decapitation carried out by IS.

Earlier, the Interior Minister and several other high ups of both the Federal and Provincial government had claimed that there was no IS presence in the region. But IS affiliated terrorists have been active in the country for the last couple of years, and the pamphlet is one in a string of many others that have popped up all over the country.