China blocks US proposal to designate JeM chief a terrorist at UN



China on Tuesday blocked a proposal by the US to designate Jaish-e-Muhammad (JeM) chief Masood Azhar a global terrorist, Times of India has reported.

The US, supported by the United Kingdom and France, moved a proposal at the United Nations Security Council Sanctions committee to blacklist the JeM chief in what is seen as a show of solidarity with India.

The US proposal finalised after ‘consultations’ between Washington and New Delhi stated that the JeM is a designated terror outfit, so its leaders cannot go scot-free, ToI reported citing sources.

China opposed the move by putting a hold on the proposal, a source said, just before the expiry of the 10-day deadline for action on the proposal.

The hold can remain in place for six months and may be extended by three months. It can be converted into a block during this time period, effectively dismissing the proposal.

India has accused JeM and its leader of masterminding several attacks, including the assault on the Pathankot air base in Jan 2016, and has been trying to get Azhar added to the list following the attack. JeM has already been blacklisted by the 15-nation Security Council, but not Azhar.

India’s Ministry of External Affairs said it had been informed of the development. “The matter has been taken up with the Chinese government.”

India had requested that Azhar be added to the list in Feb 2016 and had received strong backing from all other members of the council. But China, which put a hold on the move in April, and extended the hold in October, had blocked the proposal in December. If Azhar is blacklisted by the Security Council, he will face a global travel ban and asset freeze.


  1. China will repent, if it is fighting for Pakistani cause , that’s the same reason Pakistan has been continuously objecting India’s inclusion to UNSC

    Block all aid to Pakistan, let them have it from china

  2. This means china is misusing the UNSC membership and supporting terror groups around the world. Why china can not take a fair decision and respect USNC norms. How poor people, poor countries trust the world powers ? Its really SAD……

    • Soon this will turn into a block because world knows what India is up to in Afghanistan and Sri lanka. Pakistan stands for peace and India's efforts to defame will fail inshAllah.

  3. All efforts of India will prove futile because world knows India itself is the biggest sponsor of terror.

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